How to Care For Your Jewelry and Watches

Sep 29, 2016 | Pawn Shop Tips

When you bring your jewelry into New Liberty Loans Pawn Shop, our professional staff carefully examines your valuables including their condition.

Once we take your valuables into our care, each item is carefully wrapped and sealed inside a special bag which is placed inside our high security vault. Once you valuables are sealed, we do not unseal your items until you personally come into our office to redeem your loan.

Here are a few tips to help you take care of you jewelry and watches once they return home. This will ensure they remain valuable assets for years to come generation after generation.

Tarnish is the enemy. For items that are merely dull, mix a few drops of mild dish soap with warm water, and dip in a soft cloth. Rub the jewelry, then rinse in cool water and buff with a cloth until dry. For heavier tarnish, mix a paste of three parts baking soda to one part water. Wet the silver and apply the cleaner with a soft, lint-free cloth. Rinse and buff dry.

Gold and Gems
Lotion, soaps, and everyday dirt can make gold and stones appear flat. Give gold a bath by pouring a few drops of mild dish soap into a small bowl of sodium-free seltzer water or club soda. Put the jewelry into a small strainer, and place it in the bowl to soak for about five minutes. Swish it around, fishing out each piece to go over settings and crevices with a soft toothbrush. Return items to the strainer and rinse under running water. Dry with a soft cloth.

Most fine watches should be professionally serviced every three to five years. Don’t attempt to polish your watch.  That should only be done by a certified repair center. Treat your luxury watches as well as you treat your fine jewelry. You need to clean your luxury watches, but you should do it carefully. Use a soft, slightly damp cloth to clean metal watch cases and bracelets. Avoid getting leather straps wet; moisture can damage the appearance of the strap. Don’t immerse your watch in hot water. Even if your watch is water-resistant, hot water can damage the gaskets. Diamond embellishments can be gently scrubbed with a soapy brush, and rubber straps can be immersed in soapy water. Consider removing rubber straps from the watch case before putting them in water.

The experts at New Liberty Loan Pawn Shop understand the importance of taking care of your valuables. Feel free to call us for advice. In addition to recommending care, our trained staff will appraise your jewelry and discuss options if you would like to consider a loan.

We also have a fine selection of jewelry for sale if you would like to add to your collection.


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